Blogging & public transport

So this is my first foray into the bloggy world. I am not entirely sure it’s a good idea. Does the world really need yet another blog, does it? Does it really? Why the hell would I inflict more of my nonsense on the world?
So I’ve come to the conclusion of course the world doesn’t need it, but do I? Yes I believe I do!

So I write this post while on a tram & I suspect most of this self indulgent twaddle fest will stem from my adventures in PT & as an aside god damn look at that technology go! If you had told me I’d be typing a blog into my phone on a tram 10 years ago I most likely would’ve told you to shut the hell up!
So I guess I’m showin my age? I mentioned DOS to someone the other day & instantly dated myself as Old! For the youngest that’s a muter operating system from some years back.

So right now in the seat next to me there are two people on their moby’s chatting away on separate conversations obviously. I just don’t know how they can even hear their phone mates. If I ran the world I’d ban the talking on phones on PT as first order of business.
I find it very odd that people will talk loudly on their phones on a tram & divulge the most personal crap & inflict that shit on the entire tram. I think from today on I am going to start joining in on their conversations, do you think that would shut them up?

So apparently I turned into a grumpy old woman when I wasn’t looking. Maybe I always was? I hate those damned kids, hate the fashion, hate the thoughtlessness of what feels like the majority of the world oh and don’t get me started on the “music”, its just noise!

OK so I think I’ve got a bit of the venom out but my tram ride is still going. Oh why are 90% of the trams without functioning air conditioning?

It would seem this blog is likely to be a little bit scattered much like my brain so welcome to scatter town population me, i guess its better than skat town I guess!